Art infused with Science

Call for entry – Science Art – “Cosmos”

The stats:

1. International  competition, artists 18+

2.  Winners will be on display as digital prints at the NY Hall of Science.

3.  Jury selections (finalists) on display online

4.  72 dpi, 480 x 650 pixel jpeg submissions

5.  Up to 5 “images”, $20.00 for the first jpeg, $5 for each one after that (up to 5)

6.  Winning artists supply an 18 x 24 print, print is returned at the end of the exhibit and the artist gets to keep the frames supplied by the museum.  (Very inexpensive 20 x 24 inch prints are available through Adorama – you can pad an inch on either side of the digital image and trim the physical print to get 18 x 24)

7.  The theme “Cosmos” includes the science of the small as well as the cosmically large, supposedly.

In practice, a call for “Cosmos” including the very small probably means that they’re looking for space images and for images obviously related to particle physics.   You get to decide whether it’s a fit for you.

In previous years these exhibits have been exclusively digitally generated work.  Personally I’m on the fence about entering.  As a Material Scientist by training I find the emphasis on Science = Digital deeply offensive.   As an artist I also don’t love having my real physical paintings interpreted as “digital images”.  The mapping of Science-Art onto digital technologies pretty much eliminates the use and accurate representation of new and novel materials and non-digital smart technologies (as in … Materials Science!).  So, I probably will not submit to this one (still a maybe).    Again – if it’s a good fit for your work and you’re comfortable with the emphasis on digital and digitization, go ahead, and don’t mind the sneering Physicists.

Anyhoo – link through the exhibit title below.

The Cosmos

15th International Art-Sci Jurored Competition/Exhibition
to be held at the New York Hall of Science
August 31, 2013 – March 2, 2014

Organized by Art & Science Collaborations

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