Art infused with Science

Even more new minis – ACEO drawings

New Art cards,  in order

Row 1, left to right:  (16) Alien biota,  (17) Eukaryotic, (SOLD)  (18)Little gene tree (SOLD)

Row 2, left to right:  (19) Tree Spirit   (20) You Don’t Say

Prices are for the ORIGINAL, Hand-drawn cards (no computer graphics)

Email me for details or to purchase:

Giclees are available if you want to expand them as prints.


alien biota eukaryotic little gene tree

tree spririt you dont say

Art Card Descriptions:

Archival inks on white Bristol Board 2.5 x 3.5 inch (art card).  Sakura Pigma micron black ultrafine tip pen and Prismacolor blue ultrafine tip pen were used to create the lines.  These are protected in clear semi-rigid plastic sleeve.  I’ll wrap the protective sleeve to further protect the little cards when I mail them.  These are small affordable versions of some of my award winning pen and ink work.  They’re good for cubicles, as little gifts, and they can be framed and hung in tiny little spaces or arranged in groupings with my and/or other artists’ miniature work. Email me for links to some good microframers.

16) Alien biota.  The card depicts fanciful alien life forms.

17) Eukaryotic.  The card depicts an somewhat abstracted cell. The inner membrane for the nucleus and outer phospohlipid membrane are shown with stylized molecules not to scale. There are also abstracted “proteins” spanning the membrane – selective ion channels (not the actual folded structures of real proteins, but “real” secondary and supersecondary structures represented). The ions are stippled, and the DNA in the nucleus is clearly not to scale. If the hidden rules for scientific illustration were lifted or changed, this might just pass.

18)  Little gene Tree.  The card depicts strands of DNA that merge to form a Tree symbol – a “Tree of Life” for the Scientific Age.

19)  Tree Spirit.  The card depicts a “Tree Spirit” , a stylized swirling tree with a vaguely human form.

20) You Don’t Say!  The card depicts a woman who has just heard some juicy gossip.

I’ll add links to good art card artists as I find them

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