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New miniature work on paper

I’ve been getting ready for the warm weather art fairs, and I have some new miniature work.    Contact me if you’re interested.

The originals are roughly 2 x 3 inches, around the size of a business card.  In other words these are art cards or “ACEO originals”.  The frames add around 3/4 inch to each dimension, so the framed originals are around 3×4 inches, outer dimension.  (in wood, behind glass).  They are actually much bigger on your screen than they are in real life, unless you’re reading this on a phone.

These will make nice prints at larger sizes, and some of the really nice marker texture actually becomes more visible through the giclee “magnifying glass”.  The digital files for prints have been cleaned up and cropped and should work well even at large sizes.

(1) Foothills (SOLD original)    Purchase a giclee


blank space

(2) Cilia Celebration             Purchase a giclee              (3)Waves of Juicy   – Original SOLD  Purchase a giclee

cilia celebrationwaves of juicy

blank space

(4) Oh so Bubbly   Original SOLD         Purchase a giclee        (5)  Tiny Treeish Notions      Purchase a giclee 

oh so bubbly       tiny treeish notions

blank space

(6) Incompatible Technologies       Purchase a giclee 

incompatible technologies

blank space

(7) Pixel Factory   Purchase a giclee

pixel factory

blank space

(8) Tree Pattern     Purchase a Giclee                                                     (9) Curly Girl    Purchase a Giclee

All of these were drawn by hand using pigma micron pigmented ink pens by Sakura, and Prismacolor archival art markers on acid free drawing paper.  Prismacolor marker inks are dye based, but the little drawings will last without fading if they are not placed in direct sunlight -especially if they are framed under UV protective glass.  I still have several Prismacolor drawings from the 1980’s that are as bright as the day I drew them.  The black ink comes from very fine tip felt point pens that use a special pigmented ink.  Pigmented ink is a suspension of particles, where the coloring agents are bound to the tiny particles.  It is very durable.

The soft blended effects in the drawings’ colors were created by using the art markers on the reverse side of the paper.  As the ink bleeds through to the front of the drawing, some of the color intensity is lost in places.  this creates a textured mottled appearance that depends on the arrangement of fibers in the paper.  The ink colors will also bconecntrate at the edges of a colored region, creating subtle emphasis and contrast.  Each layer of marks will push through some of the ink from the previous layer, creating soft blended effects.

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